Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chapter 14 Vocab & Questions

A. Read Chapter 14 in the Textbook

B. Write the Definitions of the Following Terms:

Vatican II
Liturgical Calendar / Year
Ordinary Time
Holy Week

C. Answer the following questions in complete sentences. 
1.      Why does the Catholic Church utilize a liturgical calendar?
2.      What are some of the Liturgical reforms that followed Vatican II? What are some of the liturgical abuses that were done in the “Spirit of Vatican II”?
3. Despite all the decorations, trees, and parties, explain why it is inaccurate to call the first few weeks of December "Christmas Time".
4. Describe an action or even a public event that has a set pattern or routine to the way it takes place. Why does it follow the particular pattern or routine? How would the outcome of the action or event be different if the order were changed?

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